bwm Teilezuführung

"How are the parts fed to the assembly process?"

This question usually comes up right at the start when developing a plant concept. bwm is one of the leading specialists for economic feed systems. For both, bulk material and trays. In addition to individual production, we offer prefabricated feed modules. They ensure quick and reliable feeding of all parts to the production cycle.

To the growing variant diversity in the production process, we respond by providing a flexible feed system. Our Unifeed® and Transfeeder® products guarantee very short cycle times, low setup costs, and a high availability compared to the conventional feeding technology.

The Trayfeeder®, a pallet changing system developed by us with specific carriers in its different designs has already been delivered to satisfied customers from various industries.

The two Unifeed® systems shown in the picture separate small metal springs that are provided as bulk material. They are detected by highly sensitive cameras and picked off by the robot. The cycle time of the system shown here is 1 second per spring!