bwm Service

Dimensioning, optimization, and maintenance of your systemUse our service for optimum plant availability and performance

Consulting & planningAn elaborate concept provides for a quick, efficient implementation

Sound planning is the basis of every project. It ensures that the machine or system fully complies with all requirements, that time and resources provide optimum support to the project goals.
bwm - Mitarbeiterbesprechung


Already in the tendering stage, the specialists from the different departments get together. They jointly create concepts, discuss and think through the project, on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the current situation. The result is presented and coordinated by the sales department – often together with the engineers responsible – before the final offer is transferred.


Furthermore, we offer all our customers the possibility of introducing their ideas during the development stage of their project or, upon request, supporting the production process. Concept studies illustrate the solutions and ensure that the finished product is designed so that it is ready for assembly. This "Early Supplier Involvement" has become more and more important in the past years. The results are plant designs that are perfectly customized and implementations which are carried out in no time.

Plant optimizationIncrease productivity by adapting the system to the current demand

Extend the lifetime of your plant by continuous optimization. With experts who have detailed knowledge of your system!
In the process of time, a long machine lifetime expectedly brings about optimization requests and expansions of production. We ensure the product expertise required for carrying out a successful plant optimization by substantially having your project processed by the original project team that has designed and commissioned the plant.

Quality and yield enhancement – definitely!


We also analyse and optimize plants that have been installed by our market competitors, and we do this in an economic, competent, and reliable fashion. A specialist team carries out the analysis directly on site and then internally evaluates the results, in order to subsequently introduce and implement a concept for optimization.


Remote maintenanceQuick response times – reduced costs

The world is interconnected. This also applies to our machines and equipment.
We utilize this network by ensuring, together with our customers, that we can access the production lines delivered from our site at Lilienthal. Quickly and easily.

This can be the case if you request an update for the software that we have delivered, or if our specialists are to assist you with service and maintenance matters.

No matter if you are dealing with a PLC, PC, or a robot controller: Remote maintenance allows for fast responses and - since our colleagues do not have to see you in person – also provides for reduced costs!

Service contractsFor a reliable production flow

An increasing number of our customers bank on customized service contracts.
A service contract guarantees you quick access to our team of service technicians and engineers and therefore guarantees you, that your tasks are processed as promptly as possible: An optimum production start-up, better throughput times, the replacement of spare parts, quick troubleshooting or maintenance at regular intervals.


Irrespective if we are talking about remote maintenance or a short-term personal visit: With the bwm service contract, you always receive full performance of your plant, you avoid unscheduled maintenance costs and unexpected production interruptions.

Repair and maintenanceWe're at your service!

Customer service at its best. We offer quick help in any case.
bwm Service - Reperatur und Wartung



In the case of faults and service requirements, our specialists can promptly come and see you at your site.

If requested, we carry out full system checks, or we test the individual components including electronics with regard to functional glitches. Quickly receive spare parts or wear parts and have your plant repaired in no time by experts with detailed system knowledge.

Spare partsWe have it on hand!

Spare or wear parts needed? We provide a quick, uncomplicated and reliable remedy. So everything keeps running for you. 
Contact us today and we will arrange a quick and reliable delivery according to your system requirements.


Let us know your concerns and briefly describe what type of spare parts you need and what kind of machine or system you have.


Our service staff will take care of your request and contact you as soon as possible.