Bwm competencies

A dedicated team and top-quality technologyPositioned in an experienced and innovative fashion

Our employees

High technical expertise with sympathy and creativity

With nearly 100 employees in the sectors of technology and management, who are all very highly trained, bwm is provided with great potential comprising specialized expertise on the one hand and versatility and flexibility on the other hand. This is one of the keys of our success.

The diversification of activities at bwm combined with a very good working atmosphere in a high-tech environment are excellent sources of motivation. Joint activities, an in-house cafeteria and welcoming interiors add to this. Very low fluctuation and sickness rates speak for themselves.

The harmonious combination of long-serving employees and "young guns" makes it possible for us to combine different views and continue to pass on wide-ranging skills and experience from one generation to the next.

Project management

Well thought out, economic, and responsible

We have implemented DIN ISO 9001:2015 so that it fits us! All projects are fully monitored at bwm by in-house staff. A well structured management is our basis for quick response times and an on-schedule and quality-assuring project implementation. Being a medium-sized enterprise, we always go short decision-making paths, supplemented by the quick internal communication.

As to improve this even more, each project is monitored by two project managers: a commercial manager and a technical manager. The commercial project manager – who is always also a technician! – takes care of sales issues, elaborates concepts and introduces them.

Once the order has been received, in a detailed kick-off meeting he hands over the project to the technical project manager who manages the project up to the approval within the envisaged date range. Both project managers represent each other, if necessary. In this way, a competent contact person is always at your service.


BWM - Projektmanagement


Mechanics and electronics intelligently networked

Our design team of 25 experts in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering as well as pneumatics is already an integral part of the project in the tendering stage. In this way, all existing skills and the full expertise of our experienced team is incorporated into both the project planning and the project implementation.

In addition to the pencil, which will always be up to date, state-of-the-art software (e.g. EPlan, Solid Works) constitutes our designers' tool kit. Our designers support their projects up to the hand-over to the customer. During the course of the project, they support the workshop and the commissioning team and are present at many customer meetings.

Quality is lived at bwm - down to the last detail! It is for this reason that a majority of the mechanical design engineers have extensive expertise in handling the FMEA tool made by the company Apis. Furthermore, colleagues from the design department are trained as CE coordinators.

They can implement the comprehensive requirements of the Machinery Directive and the applicable standards directly in the creation process of the assembly plant.


Customized systems and control software

The processes designed in the engineering department are reliably transferred into the machine control system by our programmers. We provide you with specified software, from the small control system to the great, networked Industry 4.0 system. We program all conventional control systems in our house.

Whether we are dealing with Siemens S7, TwinCAT 3, or Bosch OpCon - our programmers are always up to date, thanks to continuous training.

High level language programmers integrate complex camera checks and program interfaces, for instance to the ERP system of a customer.

For example, in C++ or LabView, we quickly program customized solutions and reliably commission them.


BWM - Programmierung


Individual assembly solutions for the highest demands

On a 5000 m² assembly area, new plants are constantly designed in the factories of Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme, changing and shaping the appearance of our halls from month to month.

Each machine, each assembly line is mounted, installed, and commissioned in our house before it is delivered. We build our control cabinets ourselves and therefore, we are able to ensure very short cycle times and a high degree of flexibility in the electrical workshop. Our experienced technicians collaborate very closely with the mechanical engineering department and already play an integral part in the project during the design process. In this way we ensure that the theoretical idea also passes muster in the eyes of practitioners.


bwm montage


Industrial robots – universally usable, versatile, and quick in the smallest space

From low to very high payloads, from small to large quantities and dimensions – the use of industrial robots for assembly or machining of workpieces provides for a very efficient and flexible production process and is therefore part of our core competencies. One of the key strengths of the robot undoubtedly is its speed. Moreover, depending on the application, robots can take on highly sensitive joining and assembly operations, safely act in the free space without a safety guard, thus creating entirely new work areas.

More than 1000 robot commissioning processes for a variety of manufacturers provide for the basis of our vast experience in the field of robotics. Here, we are able to commission the currently common makes with our own staff or perform service tasks – both in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering. From cell control to the gripper solution.

This includes: Adept, Denso, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Stäubli, etc.

Normally, our robot programmers work closely together with the control engineers from the fields of PLC or PC. Due to their high computing power, some robot controllers furthermore provide us with the possibility of, for example, taking on testing tasks with our cameras ourselves and integrating them into the robot control system.


bwm robotik


bwm robotik


Quick restart

Short project processing times

Based on our large-scale project and sector spectrum, it is one of our key strengths to provide for a quick restart and for the reliable commissioning upon delivery.
In this way, we can ensure short project processing times, since we fully design all systems, as far as possible, in our assembly halls – including the software. Prior to delivery, the system is already fully tested in the production process. The approval of the delivery, which takes place together with the customer, documents this before the plant is installed in the place of its final destination.


BWM - Schnelle Wiederinbetriebnahme


Promise of quality

The high standards of excellence that we aspire to are directly reflected in the quality of our products and, as a consequence, in strong customer references.

Our "quality tool box" ranges from FMEA software in the engineering department to the Faro 3D Romer arm in the workshop. During the project cycle, all our tools always interact perfectly and ensure the outstanding quality guaranteed by bwm.