bwm special-purpose machine manufacturing

Flexible automationA modular design of your plant can be planned reliably and ensures a sustainable operation process

Planning, project planning, production, and service for automationWe implement your task individually and economically

Fully automated, semi-automated, and manually operated special-purpose machines
Special-purpose machines meet your specific requirements with regard to both the products and the production plants and systems. We preferentially implement modular designs. They provide for the highest flexibility, reliable planning, and sustainable operation.

In our assembly halls, assembly systems and laser systems, testing systems and robots are produced, covering all stages of your production process. We fully and conscientiously supervise the implementation of your project – from the evaluation of your processes to on-site commissioning, including the processes of planning and production.



bwm sondermaschinenbau

bwm as a general contractor with responsibilityEconomically, conscientiously, and reliably to the construction of your individual system

Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme assumes overall responsibility for the properties of the production plant, which have been ordered and warranted, including the delivery – within a reasonable timeframe and within the budget agreed. Beyond project planning and development, to production and installation. Including quality assurance. Depending on the agreement, you as the customer are always informed about the status of the project implementation.
bwm sondermaschinenbau
Your product know-how provides the basis for us. No one knows your product as well as you, and no one is more experienced with your products as you. Therefore, in close collaboration with you, we develop the suitable concept to provide for the optimum implementation of the desired functions. Individual customization to your demands and to the demands of your products guarantees a high availability of your plant, shortest cycle times, and an economic and profit-oriented production.


Our services – your benefits:

  • A holistic consideration of your production chain
  • Taking all production steps into account
  • Optimized interface communication
  • Ensuring reliable planning and implementation
  • A reliable, competent contact
  • Ein verlässlicher, kompetenter Ansprechpartner

bwm as system partnerWe understand your production processes. We recognize the opportunities.

We are familiar with all system functions and interfaces. We know all influencing factors and we know about the technical possibilities of production and process optimization.


We select the process components according to your product-specific requirements, technical relevance and quality. We design, procure, implement, and organize them so as to create an optimum overall system from them.

In jointly organized workshops, we determine your exact requirements and framework conditions. Tell us your specific, individual expectations and we'll develop optimum solutions for designing an economically successful assembly plant. Creative and solution-oriented. This also includes the development of special components and special solutions or the specification of standard products.


Our services – your benefits:


  • Selection of optimum components
  • Implementation of state-of-the-art, customized production or process technology
  • Efficient and economic integration into the overall system

The basis for the dimensioning process is provided by

  • your requirement specifications
  • our detailed offer
  • our common product and process know-how
bwm kompetenter systempartner


Continuous improvement and innovationTechnological advancement at a high level

The continuous improvement of product and process quality is one of the main objectives of bwm. In order to achieve this objective, project reviews are carried out, procedures are constantly monitored with regard to deviations and optimization, and internal audits within the framework of quality management are performed.
We achieve continuous technological advancement by:


  • Individual, interdisciplinary project solutions
  • Research projects, e.g. Aeronautical research LuFo V
  • Collaborative Robotics KoKoMo
  • In-house and external training
  • Internal quality circles

bwm serviceThe best availability and performance

In the context of our comprehensive range of services, we focus on the continuous improvement of your series production. Training, monitoring, maintenance or remote maintenance and optimization by our service technicians as well as a high production depth when designing your plant ensure date-compliant SOPs, provide for continuous availability and guarantee compliance with your delivery dates.
We always plan and manufacture all plants also taking ergonomic aspects into consideration. The aspects of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and occupational safety are of great importance to us and are taken into consideration during each project phase.
Our services – your benefits:


  • Reliable planning – series availability
  • bwm as service partner in all project phases
  • Competent and experienced consulting and planning
  • Remote maintenance
  • Service orders
  • System optimization