bwm Prüfen und Messen

Testing and measurement

Inspection and testing systems for the automated testing of assembled units are also part of our field of work as the subsequent documentation and transmission of the test results to the database or to a higher-level system.

Our picture shows a 100% functional test of LED side lights for a renowned German company in the automotive supply industry. By means of cameras, the components on the workpiece carrier are tested with regard to their function and quality in compliance with customer requirements. This is an inline testing system which is directly integrated into the fully automated production system and which transmits the test results to a master computer.

Quality assurance and the associated testing tasks are nearly always part of the implementation of our customer projects. In particular, the testing and measurement by means of cameras is part of the core tasks. The software specially developed by us for this purpose allows us to respond promptly and effectively to changing requirements.

The testing tasks shown is concerned with the quality of polycarbonate cover plates for vehicle headlights. For instance, we are able to reliably detect general and geometrical deviations - within a minimum cycle time with a test volume of 100%.